Campfire Songs

Some things just go well together; apple pie and ice cream, Lennon and McCartney, popcorn and a movie! Well … you get the picture. There's nothing like sitting around a campfire (or living room) and sharing the gift of music. It just works! Here are some great tunes for those magical sing-a-long moments. C'mon … you know the words!



Folk Song Lessons

Rock Song Lessons

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sean w December 19, 2011 at 6:59 AM

Hey just wanted to say this is an awsome website really have to thank you, havent checked it all out yet but for the past few hours Ive been browsing and learning you really do great work. One request, Truckin', by the grateful dead. Theres a number of other lessons out there but none of them do it quite right, and of the lessons of yours I've seen blow away any others. Im an 18 YO kid who was inspired about a year and a half ago to play guitar by Jorma Koukoun (of Jefferson Airplane and Hot Tuna) Water Song and Embriotic Journey, both of which I can now play fairly well!


admin December 19, 2011 at 7:10 AM

Well thanks so much …… I’ll put Truckin’ on that futures list. In the meantime keep diggin’ in … Embryonic Journey is no easy piece in year one of your playing … good for you!


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