Although not a primary motivator for me … occasionally I end up with too many guitars! Just ask my lovely wife. They are almost always great players, are set up properly, have had upgrades and are usually very cool! This section is set up to provide you with a trusted source if you wish to purchase a new and interesting guitar! In addition, I have posted an Amazon banner which features some good deals on "electric" guitars … which of course is the focus of this section. Have a look and if you see something that you like and the price is right … check the user reviews and go from there. I had a look through and the Epiphone Les Paul II in either black, white or vintage sunburst is a nice deal! Decent quality, basic (sometimes less is more) little axe with great reviews from those who have bought one. If you are just getting started … the Squire package is also worth a look!

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Hoff Page March 18, 2011 at 6:38 PM

Well my friend, you've really done it!  I can't imagine how much time you've put into this project (and how much more time will be required still)!  I love your kind, gentle tone while instructing.  Not at all patronizing yet no doubt informative.


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